First Balkan Conference “Science, medicine and spirituality” 25-29 of April, 2013


Beloved in Christ brothers and sisters,

Greetings in precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

With great pleasure we want to invite you to the First Balkan Conference “Science, Medicine
and Spirituality” organized by Christian Center Sofia (, Association “Good Future

and Hope” and WCDN-Bulgaria.

Our goal is to connect Christian professionals from different churches and from various areas
of medical science and practice in living nets for practical work (joint projects and practical
missions) all over Balkans.

Invited are medical persons, researchers in medical-biological area, teachers, PhD students
with common Christian belief, moral and ethics, based on the Bible, from different Christian

Main speakers: Prof. Dechko Svilenov, MD, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Lyubka Tancheva, MD, PhD, Dr Kiril
Svilenov, MD, Dr Alvin Hwang, MD, PhD (S. Korea), pr Heesun Lee (S. Korea), Dr. Daniel Rozen,
MD, PhD (Израел), pr Sara Kim (Turkey), Dr. V. Vahe MD (Armenia), pr Ivan Harazbassanov,
Maksim Asenov and other participants from Balkans.

We believe this Conference will be an instrument for unity, blessing and joint work and it will
make breakthrough in the spiritual atmosphere of Balkans.

We invite also some secular specialist as well as Christians from Orthodoxal or Catholic
background who are standing on Nikea’s symbol of belief.

Please, notice: On the Conference we will not allow to be discussed any doctrine or other
subject of division!

Your registration is free, but is obligatory for your accommodation and food.

Dead line is extended until 7 of April 2013.

Contact person: Tereza Taneva

е-mail: Mobile 0898 638 338

Place: Plenary sessions during the day: Guest House of Bulgarian Scientists, blvd “Shipchenski
prohod” 50, 1113 Sofia, evening sessions in Christian Center Sofia,Metro station Lyulin, 27 „Arch G.
Nenov” str, (near to Sport Complex Levski Sikonco).

All of you are very welcome! With abundant blessings in Christ:

Assoc. Prof. Lyubka Tancheva, PhD

(Chairperson of the Conference)

Pastor Ivan Hazarbassanov

(Christian Center Sofia)

Preliminary programme:

Plenary Reports
Presentation of recent healing cases from the practice of medical doctors
Power Point presentations of the most significant Christian ministries and missions in medical and
scientific area
Healing service
Special evening for reconciliation among Balkan countries
Reconciliation of Balkan countries with Israeli people
Round Table for future joint work on the Balkans -missions and projects (medical, social,
humanitarian and research)
Music and dances of Balkan countries
Coffee breaks, Discussions, Q&A
Pharmaceutical companies presentations
Bookstore, pictures and records
Tour site seeing
Media- TV, radio and newspapers, press conference